Autism tantrums, aggressiveness, meltdowns, or distress

Autistic Women Blog 11/2/2020 I am not a doctor. Try any of the following at your own risk. These are just things I’ve tried and bits of information from others and what they have tried. There is no “one size fits all” treatment for autism. Each person is individual and has their own sensitivities. POTENTIALContinue reading “Autism tantrums, aggressiveness, meltdowns, or distress”

Personal account of going through ABA

Autistic Women Blog 10/29/2020 This interview is a really good watch. It gives a first hand account of going through ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) as a child. I know I learned a lot from watching it. I also appreciate some of the similarities I have with Jay Jay. She got me with the square pegContinue reading “Personal account of going through ABA”

Emotional Awareness Tool

Autistic Women Blog 10/29/2020 It can be hard sometimes to identify what you are feeling. Sometimes it’s just hard to express them even when you know what you are feeling. For this reason autistic people can sometimes be mistaken as being emotionless and robotic. Well, The Gottman Institute has a free printable emotion wheel. ThisContinue reading “Emotional Awareness Tool”