Personal account of going through ABA

Autistic Women Blog 10/29/2020

This interview is a really good watch. It gives a first hand account of going through ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) as a child. I know I learned a lot from watching it. I also appreciate some of the similarities I have with Jay Jay. She got me with the square peg comment.

Emotional Awareness Tool

Autistic Women Blog 10/29/2020

It can be hard sometimes to identify what you are feeling. Sometimes it’s just hard to express them even when you know what you are feeling. For this reason autistic people can sometimes be mistaken as being emotionless and robotic. Well, The Gottman Institute has a free printable emotion wheel. This wheel helps you to identify the base emotion that you are feeling. It’s very handy and definitely worth a look.

I got this picture at

My childhood uniform

Autistic Women Blog 10/26/2020

I have always liked for my socks to fit tight, even if they weren’t fashionable. Even now I like tight socks. I have also had issues with sleeve length and pant leg length. Tank tops are my favorite shirts. I can’t do 3/4 sleeve shirts. I also can’t do Capri pants. So needless to say, while I was growing up I had an interesting style. Don’t be jealous!

The dreaded stares!

Autistic Women Blog 10/23/2020

Have you ever woken out of zoning out only to realize that you were giving some innocent person the death stare? How about getting so sucked into a tv show that you have no idea how much time has passed? Or, zoning out and realizing that you missed half of a lesson in class? How frustrating!

I wish people could understand that I’m not staring at them. I’m either shut down and resting internally or I’m living an adventure in my mind. If I’m shut down, it feels like some one turned the light switch off in my mind. I literally can’t think. Sometimes it’s just for a second, sometimes for several minutes. I’ve learned to catch myself and bring myself out of it. I had to come to the realization on my own that I was doing this and fix it myself.

When I am daydreaming it’s a little more fun. It’s a break from the world where I can do whatever I want. I can have a tea party with aliens or breath under water and swim as far as I want. I can design the next flying machine or time travel and wear Victorian clothing.

Meanwhile, my face gets a mind of its own and looks like I’m possessed by a demon or something. I wish my face had a smile instead of a hateful look when I am zoning. But no. I have to look like a murderer waiting to happen.

I also wish that I had the time and space to zone out in peace because I do feel better afterwords. But life doesn’t always allow for that time. As I get older I am learning just how important rest really is. I’ll save that for another blog.

So I guess my dreaded stare sessions are necessary. I just want to say that I’m sorry to all of the victims of my demon face. Because, as I’m writing this, I am remembering several moments throughout my life that I know my stare offended someone. It’s not on purpose. I’m just taking a mental break.

Autism Help Hotline

Autistic Women Blog 10/18/2020

The Autism Help Hotline webpage says that they can help you find resources in your area from anywhere in the world. If you are having a hard time finding help, they may be able to help you. Reach out to them. The more information you have, the more you can help yourself.

Yo Samdy Sam

Autistic Women Blog 10/17/2020

YouTube is a great resource for finding people who have autism and are willing to share their stories with others. Yo Samdy Sam is one of those channels.

She is a woman with autism. According to her “about” section she is from the Netherlands. Her videos are candid, honest, open, and relate-able. She has a warm, friendly personality. Her videos deal with many different subjects that can affect autistic women in their daily life, including one on PTSD and trauma. I found this video to be particularly helpful.

She has very helpful videos on many different subjects relating to autism. She also has a Facebook page and Instagram. Give her videos a watch and visit her social media. Let’s show her some support as a fellow Autistic Woman.

Autistic Tyla

Autistic Women Blog 10/17/20

YouTube is a great resource for finding people who have autism and are willing to share their stories with others. Autistic Tyla is one of those channels.

Autistic Tyla is a fairly new creator but her videos are great. She is from the United Kingdom. She is honest and candid with a realist, almost raw demeanor. Her videos give a very personal experience. They feel like she is talking to you as a real friend, not just putting on a show. She offers ideas that have worked for her and honest accounts of how she deals with life.

She has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Give her videos a watch and visit her social media. Let’s show her some support as a fellow Autistic Woman.

Autism Test

Autistic Women Blog 10/17/2020

Getting tested for autism can be expensive and difficult. If you are wondering whether you should get tested or how to get tested when you are ready, here are a few resources to help.

Getting tested can be stressful. And being female can make it more difficult to get diagnosed. But don’t give up. Do your research and get tested somewhere that has a good reputation and understands how to test females. We will have more blogs on testing in the future.